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A Conversation with Johnathan Ben Dor

May, 2011

Congratulations to Johnathan Ben Dor, our Exchange Visitor of the Month! Johnathan came here from Israel to study game cinematics at Blur Studio, Inc. in California. I recently sat down with Johnathan to chat about his exchange experience so far.



Were you excited to come to California from Israel?
Oh yeah definitely!


How have your expectations been met?
It has passed any expectation that I had.


What’s the biggest difference? Any Similarities?

The way everything is so spread out and big it’s just huge! Whether it’s the coca-cola bottle or the street you’re walking on. The climate is similar; weather is sunny and warm and nice. The beach culture is similar too

Tell me a little about your training...

The company creates game cinematics for games which are the animations between the actual games. Also commercials openings for TV shows and visual effects for films. I get to learn a little bit of everything but mostly specialize in the broadcast department doing graphics for TV shows.


What’s your favorite thing about the training?
The people that I work with!        


What’s your favorite thing to do outside of your training?

I love taking photos and there are so many things to snap around LA! I’m fascinated with people and culture. And I like to snap things that represent America like the lifeguard towers on the beach.


Do you have a favorite place?
I love Venice beach because of the type of people that are here. The majority of people are artists.


What's your favorite food here?
Mexican! It’s funny because the amount of Mexican places around California is ridiculous. I love it! I’m hooked!


Americans are way more intelligent than people would like to say. People are also very nice.

If someone asked you, "What’s the US like?" What’s the first thing you would say?
It’s amazing! It’s like living in a dream. It’s a very worthy experience.