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The Senate Unanimously Passes Border Security Bill

Published on Thu, Aug 12, 2010

“You can make the argument that it can reinforce the Obama administration efforts to disentangle the border issues from the immigration issues,” Mary Giovagnoli, director of the pro-reform Immigration Policy Center, told TWI. “But that’s probably not how it’s going to play out.”

Published in the The Washington Independent

Visa Bulletin – Rejection of Employment-Based Adjustment Applications

In June 2007, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) refused to accept tens of thousands of employment-based applications for adjustment of status (and discouraged thousands of other workers from even applying) in violation of federal statutes, regulations and policies. Although the LAC was poised to file a class action on July 17, 2007 to challenge these unlawful actions, this became unnecessary after USCIS and the Department of State reversed course and resolved the issues. Read the prepared complaint.

U.S. House holds hearings on economic impact of immigrants

Published on Fri, Oct 01, 2010

According to the Immigration Policy Center, in 2008, immigrants made up almost a quarter of the Florida’s workforce, while unauthorized immigrants accounted for 8.2 percent of the state’s workforce.


Published in the Florida Independent

Litigation Clearinghouse Newsletter Vol. 3, No. 12

This issue covers a recent FOIA lawsuit seeking information about stipulated removal; a Seventh Circuit case holding that the waiver of a right to a removal hearing under the Visa Waiver Program must be knowing and voluntary; a Ninth Circuit decision finding that DHS may not unilaterally block a motion to reopen to adjust status by opposing the motion; and the Supreme Court's decision to grant certiorari to examine the standard for granting stays of removal at the courts of appeals.

Published On: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 | Download File

Arizona's next immigration debate: babies born in U.S.

Published on Thu, Dec 16, 2010

In an article written for the Immigration Policy Center, lawyer Elizabeth Wydra contends that the reason for the 14th Amendment was to make sure that future legislators could not strip citizenship rights from vulnerable minorities.

Published in the Stateline

Litigation Clearinghouse Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 17

This issue covers "material support" litigation, Supreme Court cases this fall, and a recent Eighth Circuit case holding the government to regulatory standards.

Published On: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 | Download File

Austin Texas 2011 Creative Writing Contest Winners

Austin Texas "Celebrates America"

Published on Tue, May 17, 2011

Austin winners of the local "Celebrate America" 5th Grade Creative Writing Contest were honored at a Naturalization Ceremony at Austin Delco Activity Center on Tuesday, April 26, 2011. The Contest winners were presented with their awards, and had the opportunity to read their winning entries in front of 984 new U.S. citizens from 105 different countries taking the oath of citizenship before District Judge Lee Yeakel.

Published in the Foster Quan