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What We Do

Provide Resources for Educators and Community Leaders

We provide youth, education and community leaders with the tools and resources they need to prepare informative and effective immigration programming.

  • Our Immigration Resource Guide offers new and informative lesson plans, book/film reviews and other valuable resources that support the value of immigration to the United States.
  • We also provide additional educational ideas, lesson plans, immigration history, book/film reviews, and links to other educational resources

Host Workshops for Educators and Community Leaders

  • We offer day-long Educational Workshops to youth, educators and community leaders who are interested in integrating the subject of immigration into their communities, professional and educational spheres.

Engage Youth through Creative Outlets

  • The American Immigration Council is proud to sponsor the annual “Celebrate America” Creative Writing Contest in an ongoing effort to educate the public about the benefits of immigration to our society. Open to fifth grade students across the nation, this contest encourages youth, families and surrounding communities to evaluate and appreciate the effects of immigration on their own lives. 
  • The Council also sponsors the “Change in Motion” Multimedia Contest, which challenges today’s young adults to explore the role that immigration plays in their lives and communities through video and other multimedia projects.

Fund Innovative Projects about Immigrants and Immigration

  • We award educational bi-annual grants of $100 to $500 to fund educational projects about immigrants and immigration. The Center seeks to fund activities that are innovative and supportive of the American Immigration Council’s mission of promoting the benefits of immigrants to our nation. Applications are aimed at educators and community leaders who can create replicable projects that successfully integrate immigration into classrooms and communities. Proposals that are classroom-based will receive strong consideration, and the Council encourages projects that can be replicated in other classrooms across the nation.