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A Conversation with Helle Goller

August, 2012

Helle Goller Munksgard Nielsen EVOM August 2012

We spoke with Helle Goller Munksgard Nielsen, our Exchange Visitor of the Month for August 2012, about her training at LEGO Education in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Read the full interview.

Describe your training.

I’m training at LEGO Education—offering educational solutions for classrooms, such as lesson plans for teachers to use LEGO in the classroom. LEGO Education has been around for 30 years. When you learn by using your hands, that education is much stronger.

What is your favorite part of your training?
In Denmark, I worked on the global team. In Denmark, we just worked on developing products. We didn’t talk to the end consumer. The US educational system is very different from the Danish system, so it has been great to have conversations with actual teachers and to visit classrooms around the country. Every country’s educational system is different. In the US, every state is different!

What is the most surprising difference between the Danish system and the US system?
The emphasis on standardized tests. Even kindergartners are tested!

Do you have any advice for other Exchange Visitors to the United States?
Just do it! And be open to new people. That’s the best advice I can give.