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Anne Glassl Walks in Memphis

March, 2010

Anne Glassl came to the United States from Hamburg, Germany. She is training in Memphis, Tennessee in the field of product development. On a previous vacation to the U.S., Anne had the chance to visit Memphis. When the opportunity came to train in the Southern city, she had a good idea of what to expect, describing Memphis as “a very charming town.”

One of the best things Anne has noticed about Memphis and the Southern United States in general is its very friendly and traditionally hospitable population. “They are respectful, helpful and always have a smile n their face no matter how bad their day was,” Anne says of the Memphis natives she encounters on a daily basis. The biggest thing missing from Anne’s life in Memphis is access to public transportation. “In Hamburg you don’t need a car. The subway takes you everywhere. In Memphis you really need a car,” Anne notes, summing up America’s love for the automobile by adding that “even the bank has a drive though.”

Through her interactions with her coworkers, Anne has been able to get a good taste of American life. She has been invited into American homes for dinners and conversations, and through these and other daily interactions with Southerners, Anne has recognized that sports play a large role in the lives of people in the Memphis area. “My coworkers know about everything that is going on no matter what kind of sport. As sports is a major factor in the American culture, participating in sporting events helps [me] to understand the culture.”

In addition to learning about American culture in Memphis, Anne has traveled to other areas of the United States. Anne relishes the memory of her trip to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas: “I never expected such a beautiful landscape in an internationally quite unknown state.” Before she finishes her training, Anne would like to visit Houston, New York, and other, perhaps lesser-known locations.

By making an effort to integrate herself into the local culture, Anne has been able to get a unique view of life in America. Each Exchange Visitor will have a different experience. As your sponsor we hope that your individual understanding of life in the US is as great as Anne’s has been!