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Press Releases

04/16/08 | Does the "SAVE Act" Save Anything?

This month, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) came out with an estimate of the costs of the "Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement Act" ("SAVE Act," HR 4088) that showed that implementing "SAVE" would cost the government billions of dollars in spending and cause the government to lose billions of dollars in tax revenue. This week we highlight two new documents that look at the costs of SAVE and impact of E-Verify.

04/03/08 | Raids' Impact on Families and Hate Groups On the Rise

Last summer's failure by the federal government to reform the nation's broken immigration system has had strong and lasting repercussions. Stepped up raids are causing upheaval in communities and anti-immigrant extremists have hijacked the immigration debate. Both of these disturbing trends provide additional evidence of the need for a solution to our ongoing immigration policy problems.

04/01/08 | What Will Happen When Citizens Have to Ask the Government For Permission to Work?

Many on Capitol Hill are eyeing favorably bills that create a massive electronic employment databases.  While proponents of the Shuler-Tancredo "SAVE Act" (HR 4088) and the Johnson "New Employee Verification Act of 2008" (HR 5515) talk tough about cracking down on illegal immigrants, the truth is their bills' nationwide mandatory electronic employment verification system require all American workers, foreign- and native-born alike, to seek the government's permission to work.

03/26/08 | The Impact of "Quick Fixes" on U.S. Citizens and the Economy

Proposals regarding employment verification for all workers – foreign- and U.S.-born alike – are gathering steam in Congress. IPC’s new OnPoint documents highlight the impact recently proposed immigration enforcement tools would have on U.S. citizens, authorized workers, and the economy.

03/12/08 | The Facts Behind the Rhetoric in Congress

This week, Immigration OnPoint highlights three new documents that provide policymakers and advocates with facts that are relevant to the current debate in Congress.

02/20/08 | Politics and Power: Immigration, Latino Voters, and the Texas Primary

Texas is one of the three delegate-rich states remaining to vote in the presidential primaries. On March 4, all eyes will be on Texas—in part, to see the impact of the large Latino electorate in this important primary. Record-breaking turnout of Latino primary voters in states as disparate as California, Connecticut and Missouri portend an important role for Latinos voting in the upcoming Texas primary where they constitute 22.4 percent of the registered voters in Texas. Read on to learn more about the influence of Latinos and immigrants in the Lone Star state.

01/29/08 | Fast Facts on Immigration in the "Super Tuesday" States

The impact of Latinos and immigrants in the voting booths and on state coffers will get increased attention as "Super Tuesday" approaches. Poll after poll shows that a candidate’s stand on immigration and the tone of the immigration debate are important to Latinos.

01/24/08 | Florida's Foreign Born - Important to the Economy and the Electorate

Florida's recent arrivals and established foreign born communities both play an important role in the state's economy and make up an increasing percentage of the electorate.

01/14/08 | Nevada's Newest Arrivals

Both the immigration debate and the immigrant vote will likely play a role in the upcoming Nevada caucus.