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International ExchangeAbout the International Exchange Center

The International Exchange Center of the American Immigration Council firmly believes that the movement of people across borders improves quality of life worldwide. When international trainees on J-1 visas improve their career skills through training in the United States, they are better equipped to take care of their own families and communities.  On a larger scale, the positive ties created between US hosts and international trainees lead to a more stable world. When J-1 interns learn and share cutting edge technologies through internships with American companies, we all gain.

International trainings and internships provide the opportunity to combine the best ideas from two or more countries. J-1 trainees and interns return home with new career skills and a greater appreciation for American people and culture; the U.S. host company gains greater knowledge and appreciation for the J-1 visa holder's business practices, country and culture. Participating in international training is taking part in direct diplomacy and vitally important cultural exchange – strengthening positive ties with other parts of the world.


The purpose of the International Exchange Center is to create educational resources and opportunities that recognize our immigrant heritage.  Dedicated to respecting, valuing, and celebrating cultural differences, the International Exchange Center programs create a synergy of the best ideas from many cultures for the benefit of all.

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