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Wed, Nov 19, 2008

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REAL ID – General

The LAC argued that the Second Circuit is not required to transfer a habeas appeal pending on REAL ID’s enactment date to the Fifth Circuit even though the immigration judge proceedings occurred within the Fifth Circuit.

  • Wilson v. Reno                        2nd Circuit                        Nos. 04-5869, 04-5973

REAL ID and District Court Jurisdiction

The LAC argues in these amicus briefs that the district courts erred in dismissing appeals of CIS denials of adjustment applications, where the individuals were not in removal proceedings and where the adjustment applications were denied on non-discretionary statutory eligibility grounds.

  • Lee v. USCIS                                                 4th Circuit                      No. 08-1659
  • Vaso v. Homeland Sec Agcy Dir, et al.     3rd Circuit                      No. 09-1988
  • Kim Hur, et al. v. Gonzales                         4th Circuit                       No. 05-2319
  • Kim et al. v. Gonzales                                  4th Circuit                       No. 06-1943
  • Durmaz v. Chertoff                                       N.D. of Illinois                No. 05-C-3885

REAL ID – One Year Deadline for Filing Asylum Applications

The LAC argues in this amicus brief that the court retains jurisdiction under 8 U.S.C. § 1252(a)(2)(D) where the agency applied incorrect legal standards relating to the sufficiency of evidence and the need for additional corroboration.

  • Singh v. Gonzales                                         9th Circuit                        No. 05-72875