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Join the Summer Campaign!

Summer Money

Past AILA President Chuck Kuck has started a summer campaign to get 50 of his colleagues to join him in making a monthly donation of $10 (or more) to the American Immigration Council.  Read his email below and join the campaign!


CLICK HERE to join the Summer Campaign and become a monthly donor to the American Immigration Council!


Dear fellow AILA member,

Did you know you could sign up online to make a monthly donation to the American Immigration Council?  I just signed up to give $10 each month and it only me 2 minutes to do, plus it's tax deductible.  Why don’t you join me?

The top-notch work the Council’s does is worthy of my contribution and $10/month certainly doesn’t make a dent in my budget, but it sure makes a difference to the Council's budget.  Imagine if we ALL made a small monthly donation?

I hope YOU will join me in making a recurring donation TODAY.  Our collective monthly donations will help the Council remain the premier source for truth on immigration for years to come.

The work that the Council is doing is invaluable to me. Each of their programs has served me well over the years...

  • The Council’s Legal Action Center (LAC)’s abundant and well-written Practice Advisories are a resource I utilize virtually every day. 
  • The Council’s Immigration Policy Center (IPC)’s special reports, issue papers and blogs are incredibly insightful and keep me informed of the current immigration environment in DC and around the country, and I use them routinely when speaking with the media. 
  • Additionally, I am so proud my monthly contribution supports the Community Education Center (CEC). Their annual Creative Writing Contest and online educational resources are helping to create a more tolerant and informed generation. 
  • And lastly, the Council’s International Exchange Center (IEC) promotes the necessary exchange of ideas, culture and knowledge from other countries to ours via it’s impeccably run J-1 program.

I've made this campaign my personal fundraising project and my modest goal is to get just 50 of you to join me by the end of the summer.

Who’s with me?

Thank you in advance for your consideration,


Charles H. Kuck
(On Behalf of the American Immigration Council)
Managing Partner, Kuck Immigration Partners LLC
AILA President (2008-2009)