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Litigation Clearinghouse Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 14

This issue covers recent decisions on INA

Published On: Wednesday, December 5, 2007 | Download File

ICE Allowed the Release of 890 Imprisoned Deportable Aliens, Convicted of Serious Crimes, Into U.S. in FY 2009

Published on Wed, Feb 09, 2011

According to the Immigration Policy Center, “If ICE does not take custody within 48 hours, the detainer automatically lapses, and the state/local law enforcement agency is required to release the individual.”

Published in the CNS News

Litigation Clearinghouse Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 4

This issue covers developments concerning mandatory detention, Supreme Court Update, and Motions to Stop Deportations to Haiti.

Published On: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 | Download File



Our most recent outbound exchange trip in­volved an eclectic group of American profes­sionals, one J-1 trainee, two cities in Poland, and a lot of talk about Central European migra­tion trends and immigration/emigration issues. There were also, of course, many pierogies, a lot of Żubrówka, and much baraszcz to be had. The group was able to explore Warsaw and Krakow, experiencing Polish culture and hearing from experts about history, immi­gration, emigration, and the changes that mem­bership in the European Union has brought to Poland and other new EU members in the region.

Highlights of the exchange included a visit to the US consulate in Warsaw, where the trip’s one and only J-1 trainee, Tania Alves Calvao, was able to step behind the windows and see the Consulate from a new and different perspective. Trip participants also enjoyed an informal visit to a premier Polish law firm, discussions with American business interests in Poland, and a presentation from the Warsaw University Cen­ter for Migration Research. A somber and informative day was spent at Auschwitz and Birkenau.

Wrestler Henry Cejudo seeks immigration law change, another gold medal

Published on Mon, Apr 04, 2011

Henry Cejudo could have stayed away. He already left his signature on one of America's hottest hot-button issues. The son of illegal immigrants from Mexico, he held an American flag high while celebrating his wrestling gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Henry Cejudo celebrates after defeating Japan's Tomohiro Matsunaga in the finals of the men's 55 kg freestyle wrestling to win the gold medal in 2008.

Afterward, he spoke openly about his mom naively crossing the border in high heels, his drug-abusing dad dying impoverished in Mexico, his itinerant childhood spent evading rent collectors. He put the details in a book titled American Victory.

He settled back in his home state of Arizona. He didn't stay settled for long.

"We're living in the damn '60s, the '50s in Arizona," he says.

A state law passed last year requires police to check the immigration status of anyone they stop, detain or arrest that they suspect is in the country illegally. A federal judge's decision to block the law is being appealed. Another proposed law would deny state citizenship to children born in the USA if neither parent has legal status.

"They've done a lot of articles on this whole 'anchor baby' law," Cejudo says, using the pejorative description that refers to U.S.-born children "anchoring" their illegal parents here. "I feel like I'm a figurehead to that."

He could use the speaking circuit as a platform. Instead, he decided to take on the issue in the only place he's ever felt truly at home: the wrestling mat.

In February he returned to the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, determined to win another gold at the 2012 Games in London.

"I've done it, and I know I can do it again," says Cejudo, 24, who was born in Los Angeles. "This time I want to have more emphasis on this immigration issue."Read more...

Published in the USA Today

Other Impact Litigation


This page summarizes and discusses class action and other multi-party lawsuits that deal with current issues affecting the immigrant community and that do not fall into categories covered by Litigation Issue Pages.Read more...

A Conversation with Anthony Mulloy

June, 2011

Congratulations to Anthony Mulloy, our Exchange Visitor of the Month! We caught up with Anthony to learn more about his J-1 experience in the United States. Read more...

Somy Ali honored for helping immigrant women

Published on Fri, May 20, 2011

Plantation resident Somy Ali, founder of No More Tears, a nonprofit that helps rescue immigrant women from domestic abuse, will receive an American Heritage Award from the American Immigration Council in June in San Diego.

The mission of the American Immigration Council is to recognize the contributions of American’s immigrants, honor immigrant history and shape how Americans think and act towards immigration.

Past honorees include tenor Placido Domingo, musician Carlos Santana, Nobel Prize winning physicist Daniel Tsui, former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Shalikashvili, baseball player Sammy Sosa and therapist Ruth Westheimer.

Born in Pakistan, Ali, a former Bollywood actress, has helped 85 women since 2006

. Ali and supporters find the women apartments and help them with legal matters and relocation. They secure donations of food, clothing, household goods and funds to help the women make a fresh start.

Ali’s line of socially-conscious clothing, So-Me Designs, also contributes 10 percent of its profits to No More Tears.

Published in the Miami Herald

Drug Possession as an Aggravated Felony

Lopez v. Gonzales, 549 U.S. 47 (2006)

  • On January 8, 2007, the Supreme Court granted a writ of certiorari, vacated the judgment, and remanded the case to Eighth Circuit for further consideration in light of Lopez v. Gonzales. The case is Tostado-Tostado v. Carlson, No. 06-6766.