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Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, Esq.

New York Times Article Highlights Immigration Council Report

Published on Thu, Sep 18, 2014

A New York Times article, "Border Agency Is Authorized to Open Criminal Inquiries," which details new measures implemented by the Department of Homeland Security to respond to accusations of abuse by border agents, features data from the American Immigration Council's report "No Action Taken: Lack of CBP Accountability in Responding to Complaints of Abuse':

"In recent months, the agency’s internal affairs officials have examined 876 cases raised in reports by the two groups, the Police Executive Research Forum and the American Immigration Council. Mark Morgan, the head of the internal affairs office, said 11 cases remained under criminal investigation by other agencies, while 155 cases had been reopened for further noncriminal review.

Some advocacy groups cautiously praised the new measures.

Published in the New York Times

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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The Immigration Policy Center provides a range of resources that explain the major components of reform and provide context for what is in the different sections of immigration legislation moving through Congress.Read more...

IPC Lauds House of Representatives' Inquiry Into 287(g) Program

Released on Tue, Mar 31, 2009

Tomorrow, two House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittees will be holding a joint hearing on the 287(g) program. The Immigration Policy Center (IPC) applauds Chairman Conyers, Chairwoman Lofgren, and Chairman Nadler for bringing desperately needed attention to the problematic and controversial 287(g) program. The following is a statement by Angela Kelley, Director of the Immigration Policy Center (IPC) in Washington, DC.

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E-Verify and Arizona - A Rough Road Ahead

Released on Wed, May 14, 2008

This week, Immigration OnPoint highlights Arizona's experience with E-Verify and suggests Congress should heed the warning signals as they contemplate a national EEVS.

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Supreme Court Decision Protects Right to Immigration Advice

Released on Wed, Mar 31, 2010

The American Immigration Council applauds today's Supreme Court decision on the right to counsel for noncitizens charged with committing a crime. The Court held that criminal defense lawyers must advise their noncitizen clients about the risk of deportation if they accept a guilty plea. The Court recognized that current immigration laws impose harsh and mandatory deportation consequences onto criminal convictions, and that Congress eliminated from these laws the Attorney General's discretionary authority to cancel removal in meritorious cases. The Court said, "These changes to our immigration law have dramatically raised the stakes of a noncitizen's criminal conviction. The importance of accurate legal advice for noncitizens accused of crimes has never been more important."

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H-1B Employees Should Not Face Arrest While Extension Pending

Released on Mon, Nov 08, 2010

Late last week, the Legal Action Center of the American Immigration Council (LAC), together with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), filed an amicus brief arguing that an H-1B employee should not face arrest, detention or deportation after his initial period of admission expires if a pending extension request remains under review. The brief, filed in federal district court in Connecticut, maintains that H-1B employers who follow the law should not lose valuable employees because of widespread delays at immigration processing centers."Both existing law and common sense dictate that the government cannot sit on an employer's H-1B extension request and then arrest the employee due to its own processing delays," said Melissa Crow, director of the Legal Action Center.

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