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Fundamental Principles of J Sponsorship


We are frequently asked by interested members of the immigration law community what are the basic principles which we use for strategic planning in the development of the International Exchange Center.

Here are the ten principles that guide our planning and decision making:

  1. Our primary role is to intercede on behalf of the J participants to ensure their safety and well-being.
  2. The J-2 dependent is as much our program participant as the J-1 trainee or intern.
  3. The J exchange must be mutually beneficial to both the J participant and the American host organization.
  4. The J exchange must foster the exchange of ideas between the international visitor and the American community.
  5. The exchange is not complete until the exchange visitor returns home and shares the experience in the United States with friends, family, and colleagues.
  6. The exchange should foster a deeper understanding of American cultural values for all involved.
  7. As a Designated Sponsor of J exchange, we have an obligation to the U.S. Department of State to know where our J-1 participants are and that they are receiving the training outlined in the approved training plan.
  8. We have an obligation to the U.S. Department of State that our J participants will have experiences that will improve the image and influence of the United States abroad.
  9. We believe that short-term exchange is a powerful tool to demonstrate the value of ideas from around the world to American companies and communities.
  10. We have a responsibility to educate the American immigration law and business communities as to the value and proper use of the J visa.

These ten principles inform all of our program development, communications, and placement decisions. They constitute our recipe for successful intercultural exchange.