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About Us


The mission of the American Immigration Council is to strengthen America by honoring our immigrant history and shaping how Americans think and act towards immigration now and in the future.

The American Immigration Council exists to promote the prosperity and cultural richness of our diverse nation by:

  • Educating citizens about the enduring contributions of America’s immigrants. 
  • Standing up for sensible and humane immigration policies that reflect American values.   
  • Insisting that our immigration laws be enacted and implemented in a way that honors fundamental constitutional and human rights. 
  • Working tirelessly to achieve justice and fairness for immigrants under the law. 

The American Immigration Council believes that the dignity of the individual knows no boundary.  Our nation’s moral and ethical values must be reflected in the way we welcome immigrants.

Our motto is: Honoring our immigrant past; shaping our immigrant future.


More About Us

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Transparency and accountability are of the utmost importance to us when it comes to the monetary contributions from our donors. We seek to maximize and effectively use your contributions in each of our program areas. To give you a clear and unbiased understanding of our financial operations, we participate in GuideStar, an online charity rating site. Click on the icon to visit our profile.

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Kind words from our supporters on

"AIC is always on top of the issues, always writes thoughtful and thorough practice advisories, and often gets involved in amicus briefs on important cases in this complex, ever changing legal environment. AIC is a tremendous asset to immigration attorneys all over the country, and has helped to shape the development of the law in many positive ways. -Nora Privitera

"The AIC fills a vital role in the US immigration community. We immigration lawyers get bogged down in day-to-day casework and rely on the AIC to alert us to urgent issues and provide practical ways for everyone to get involved." -Jon76

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