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2011 2nd Place National Winner

 America,  A Beautiful Nation

Why is our nation American beautiful?  Because it is unique.  America is like a multicolored bird.  Eachi feather is an immigrant, giving our country beauty.  Without each and every feather, there would be no bird at all.  Without each color, the bird would be gray, dull, a miserable sparrow.

Why is our nation America beautiful?  It is complex.  America is like a field of floweres, each one unique.  Each flower is an immigrant, defining our country as diverse.  Without every flower, every person, America would be an old field of dry hay.

With immigrants, our beautiful nation strives and becomes something great.  It becomes a room with great, wide, open windows.  It allows us to see farther into what is honorable.

That is why America grows stronger.  With immigrants, it allows us to see how kind it is to keep an open door for everyone.  It gives our country a spark, that gives us a shine so bright, anyone anywhere can see us.

That is why America, our national is beautiful.

America needs the strong hearts brave enough to travel far into our distant land. My own great-grandfather was a refugee from Russia.  He, a Jew, escaped from possibly being killed.  His father worked as a bottle washer in America.  He got paid very little, with bad conditions, but he was determined.  We need that type of strong hearted people in America.

My ancestors also came from Ireland, a country which suffered many hardships.  My ancestors were always poor, and never could waste a single penny.  Their struggling left them with pure toughness.  We need people who are still willing even when things are going poorly.

My family left behind bery dear friends thousands of miles away.  They were refugees, starving and miserable as they made their journey to America.  We need more people willing to sacrifice for a good cause.

With immigrants in the USA, love becomes stronger.  Millions of separated families reunite, creatign abond so strong that reflects on others.  Families seeking refuge from war, possible death, crime filled countries;
When we open our arms for them, their love for our coutnry increases, and when we comprehend their past, our love for them becomes stronger.

Why is our nation America beautiful?  Because when we have immigrants, we bring toghet all the continents, to create an unbreakable understanding of each other.  America, our nation is amazing, but not just with one type of culture.  America is beautifl sprinked with every type of person.

Why is our nation America beautiful?
Because we have immigrants.